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Your Advantage

Your Advantage

Your annual profit-loss statement may look like a roller coaster when you get to the line for IT.

Depending on the tech issue of the month, costs go up or down (not often, but it happens occasionally). Your clients don’t care when your server crashes; they just want what you promised. Your only choice is to break out the checkbook and hope the income statement doesn’t bleed red that month.

At Network Alliance, your monthly costs are predictable and simple. Your monthly recurring fees are based on how many people in your company use the system. We also customize your solution even further based on a team member’s role. Does your receptionist REALLY need QuickBooks? If you need to hire some extra associates for a new contract, you can add them on the fly. If you have a team member who moves and you decide not to replace him, we’ll subtract a user. You always know to the penny what technology for each user costs—no surprises, no wild ride.

Get Off the Roller Coaster

You don’t pay us any extra money when we need to buy a new server or when something breaks. We just let you know how it’s going to affect you and if there will be any downtime. You never have to worry that we’ll ask for extra money to get you back up and running.

Our pricing model is consistent for your budgeting purposes, and it still allows us to achieve our own sustainability and growth goals. By spreading expected technology costs over the span of the relationship, we remain profitable and are able to provide services to all our clients.

Call Network Alliance and get off the IT rollercoaster today. We’ll listen to you and then customize a solution that fits your specific needs right now with an eye for your future growth. Our service is at least 30% less than small businesses typically spend on equipment and consultants.



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