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Why You'll Sleep Better

Why You'll Sleep Better

Fortune 100 companies have the dollars to buy equipment that multiple IT specialists take care of in secure data centers. Small business owners, even wildly successful ones, don’t; you usually buy one server that lives in a storage closet, load multiple applications, and hope that your data backups are actually working. Outages, caused by any number of problems, are so frequent that nobody expects to be able to work for a full day (sometimes even an hour) without a tech glitch of some sort. It doesn’t take long for tech problems to become an expectation rather than an exception.

Even when you’re playing by the rules, you can’t guarantee a positive outcome. After religiously swapping backup tapes nightly for months, you need to recover some data for reasons ranging from a fat-fingered mistake to a true disaster. You call your IT consultant to restore your archived data and learn that a misconfigured set-up means that all the tapes are blank. Now what???

At Network Alliance, you get access to equipment and IT experts you can’t otherwise afford on the average small business budget. By consolidating the costs and infrastructures for many small businesses, we create economies of scale, expertise, and security that benefit you.

When your tech requirements change, chances are good that we’ve already designed and implemented the solution you need and can provide it at an affordable price. If you need to expand a current service, we’ve got you covered. If a piece of our equipment fails, there’s a spare ready to go. Our tech specialists proactively monitor, manage, and respond to system alerts 24/7 and fix many problems that you’ll never know about. Instead of your office closet, your data is safe inside a level IV (the highest level) datacenter with no worries about power surges, excessive heat or physical security; acres of heating/cooling units and generators, concrete walls that are six feet thick, man-trap doors and security requirements reminiscent of a box office thriller ensure that your data is protected. And, if you need to recover data, big or small, we retrieve it for you from our hourly backups from multiple locations.

Don’t lose any more sleep over whether your data is out of harm’s way or your network has broken again and you’re not sure what to do about it.

Since 1997, Network Alliance has maintained a 98 percent client-retention rate by providing business owners a reliable solution that meets their technical needs without breaking the bank.

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