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Why Network Alliance

Why Network Alliance

Is the responsibility for managing your IT network weighing you down? Does your IT Guy get paid even when you don’t?

It’s predictable; technology doesn’t break when it’s convenient. Your team is pushing a major deadline during your busiest season. Everything comes to a screeching halt when a piece of equipment quits working. You’re not quite sure what its name is or exactly what it does; you just know that you paid big bucks for it because “they” said it would solve all of your technical problems. A panicked fire drill kicks off: You or the most technical user on your team tries to guess what happened. If you’re really lucky, somebody might know how to go into the coat closet and restart the machine that might be the problem (although you’re holding your breath because that might break something else). You put in a frantic call, text, email to your IT Guy—knowing, if he answers you in the first place, you probably won’t understand his geek speak explanation and hoping that fixing the problem won’t cost much in time or dollars.

IT Happens

The IT Shakedown has begun and you don’t have many options. He knows how to fix it; you don’t. Your team has a deadline and you have payroll to make. You can’t really blame his motives, but your business goals simply aren’t aligned with his. So, you take a deep breath and sign off on whatever fix is proposed and agree to however long he says it’s going to take, hoping that he’s wrong (He probably is; tech problems seem to take two times longer to fix than most consultants estimate).

At Network Alliance, our interests are aligned with yours. We don’t get paid unless you’re up and running. We’re in business to make sure technology never slows you down.

IT happens. Stuff breaks, no matter how careful or savvy you are. So when a machine hiccups or an application crashes, it’s our problem, not yours. Whether it’s your busiest season, a looming deadline or just a regular kind of day, tech problems belong to us and we’re working on fixing them and giving you a reliable estimate of how long it will take us. There’s no extra money coming out of your pocket.

Can you really afford to put your business in the hands of an IT Guy? Never have an IT Shakedown again, email or call us now at 703.715.4930.

Hear What We Have to Say

Don Britton
CEO/Founder, Network Alliance

“Network Alliance provides a hosted desktop service or a complete IT solution for small businesses. The system provides a virtual desktop or PC that can be accessed from any location or device that connects to the Internet with all the applications, files and customer support you can ever want.”
Hear What our Clients Have to Say

Nancy Eberhardt
CEO, Pathwise Partners

“What sets Network Alliance apart … was the support function they have by phone to cover anything we might hit as a barrier.”


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