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What's "the cloud"?

The king of tech world buzzwords over the last few years is “the cloud.” But what exactly is it?

Simply put, “the cloud” is a catch-all phrase for servers that store data so that a device with a stable internet connection can retrieve files... For more, click here.

How is "the cloud" used for business?

While relevant to consumers, entertainment options aren’t usually a primary business focus. More pertinent for organizations is a cloud services firm that can provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS)...For more, click here.

What questions should I ask when choosing an IT provider?

The sheer amount of knowledge required to properly judge and implement an IT system is daunting for the average user. Speciality and expertise are required to create a proper technology enviroment, leading most organizations to hire IT providers. For more, click here.

Client and Support Satisfaction

How can an IT provider guarantee client satisfaction?

It feels like we’re living in a world where it can be tough to find common ground between client and provider. Chances are, though, a terrible past client service experience or two (or twelve) have ruined expectations for clients seeking service.

So what makes us so certain about Network Alliance’s client service guarantee? For more, click here.

Why is an IT Provider’s mission or “Keys to Live By” important when choosing an IT Provider?

A mission statement and “keys to live by” defines the purpose of an organization. Understanding the IT Provider’s purpose for being in business is important in determining the kind of experience and relationship the client will have with the provider. For more, click here.


Why Security Matters

For every news story about “security attacks” or “security breaches” that we learn about through mainstream media, there are thousands that go unreported. For more, click here.

What is Network Security?

When people think of “computer security,” they generally think of network security. In the simplest terms, network security is anything that protects data as it moves to and from a computer system. A secure network usually includes firewalls, anti-malware software, and password protection. For more, click here.

Why is Physical Security of your Servers Important?

If network security protects data and the software, then physical security protects where the data is housed. Unfortunately, fewer people recognize the importance of keeping servers and computers (the actual machines) safe. Physical access is the easiest way a malicious user steals information, loads malware, or simply wipes data. Nearly all network security measures are rendered useless if someone can access the actual machine. For more, click here.

What Can I do as a Technology User to Help with Security?

Even with state-of-the-art network and physical security protection, the weakest link is the user (yep, it’s us). For more, click here.

What's a Data Center?

In the news, you’ll often hear the term “data center,” but what exactly is one?

A data center is a BIG building (think hundreds of thousands of square feet) that houses huge racks of servers and internet networking devices that contain and facilitate huge amounts of Internet traffic. For more, click here.


How much does a cloud IT solution cost?

At prospective client meetings, confusion sometimes occurs when it’s time to discuss the monthly cost of a cloud solution. “Hold on, I’ll pay more per month, but it will cost me less? That doesn’t make sense!” Well, it's actually really simple. For more, click here.



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