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In an era when everyone is online, strong security is absolutely necessary to protect your confidential data.

Network Alliance clients don’t have to worry.

Regardless of which service use, all our clients’ information is protected by a Fortune 500-level security system.

First, all of our servers reside in a level 4 data center. This data center has multiple security checkpoints with a number of identification checks, making our servers inaccessible to anyone but those authorized to access them. A lapse in physical security is the single easiest way for a malicious user (i.e., a hacker) to gain access to a system. Even if there are other countermeasure are in place, someone gaining physical access to systems will cause a security breach. A data center like the one that Network Alliance houses its systems in prevents this from occurring. On top of this, all Network Alliance systems are remote connections. Our systems allow clients to save all of their data on our systems, meaning they no longer have to worry about a lost laptop or cell phone with confidential data on it.

Next, a number of network devices and programs prevents malicious traffic from making its way to our servers. First, an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System tracks all incoming traffic and blocks any that come from known malicious IP addresses (i.e., those known to be the IP addresses of hackers). Furthermore, a sufficiently advanced IPS can actually be set to block all traffic from a certain region, meaning countries like North Korea, China, and Russia (which are known to be high security risks) can be totally discounted by our systems. Then, a Fortune 500-level, hardware-based firewall monitors traffic that’s been let through the IPS and filters any malicious traffic. Both the IPS’s and the firewall’s firmware are constantly updated to consistently meet new attacks.

After the hardware-based solutions is the protective software. In case anything gets through the IPS and the firewall, is our spam filter, that filters out problematic emails trying to phish or hack users. And finally is the  this sits a high-level updated anti-malware program that constantly scans for any malicious files that may have somehow gotten through the IPS and firewall.

Unfortunately, most small organizations simply can’t afford a truly top-tier network security system. A high-level firewall alone can costs tens of thousands of dollars, which is frankly a sum that most small businesses can’t afford. And this says nothing of server, anti-virus software, data center space rental, and maintenance costs. Even if a small organization were to take their security into their own hands, they likely wouldn’t be able to provide themselves the same quality of service that a dedicated cloud-IT provider like Network Alliance can.



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