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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

In the last five years, cloud-based technologies have grown out of their initially niche market into an industry with widespread reach. Office 365 is one of the latest and most powerful solutions released on a cloud platform. Rather than purchasing licenses for the current version of Office, you can now simply purchase a monthly subscription that provides you with the most up-to-date versions Microsoft offers as long as you subscribe.

Network Alliance is proud to be a licensed Microsoft Office 365 vendor. We offer every type of business-oriented Office application either a la carte or bundled.

Services offered by Office 365

We make Office 365 available in a number of different ways. Office 365 is extremely flexible in that it allows users to determine and select exactly the services they feel they need. Most Office licenses consist of multiple applications, many of which some organizations feel they don’t actually need. In this case, a la cart application selection may be to your benefit. For example, if your organization already has some of the more common Office licenses (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel) but wants an additional one or two without having to upgrade to a higher form of Office licenses, you’ll definitely want to consider the a la carte option over traditional Office licensing.

On the other hand, you may decide that you’d like more bang-for-your-buck and get some, most, or all Microsoft Office and Enterprise software. Or maybe your licenses have recently expired and you’re looking to get a new Office solution. If that’s the case, you’d likely prefer one of the bundles that we offer. You can choose a bundle that contains only the most basic Office applications or you can select a bundle that contains the entire Office suite as well as all of Microsoft’s communication applications, like Lync and Skype.

Why should you choose Network Alliance over another vendor?

Network Alliance doesn’t allow any services we offer to be unsupported. Any issues your organization may have with Office 365 will be serviced by our award-winning support team. It could be a problem with internet connectivity or an issue with Office 365 login or incompatibility with a certain app on your computer. Whatever the case may be, Network Alliance assures you that you won’t simply be sold Office 365 and left without additional service needed to support everything that’s needed to access and use Office 365.



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