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Update Your Tech to Compete and Grow

First, there were pens, paper, and ledgers. Then, typewriters came along, making business administration faster and easier. When the first computers arrived, they automated calculations and processes, taking efficiency a step further. Then came a complete game changer: the Internet. With access to affordable communications worldwide, a new business paradigm emerged that removed the limits of time and distance. Now, the cloud takes those connections and makes them accessible in more places, freeing businesses from the constraints of the office. And research shows that businesses making the move to the cloud are outperforming their competitors.

Studies show that businesses that are early adopters of technology, like the cloud, perform better than their competitors. Image source: Unsplash CC.

Early Technology Adopters Outperform Peers

Business strategists at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) researched just how much difference technology can make for small enterprises. In "Ahead of the Curve" the authors describe early adopter businesses: “These companies stay ahead of mainstream IT adoption, riding each new advance to improve efficiency, connect with new customers and markets, and compete with much larger players. They employ the full range of available tools—from productivity software to Internet connectivity to cloud-based services. Our research shows that technology leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace.”1 In researching more than 4,000 smaller and midsized businesses, they found some interesting trends:
  • Technology leaders grow revenue and jobs at a rate of 11 percentage points higher than laggards.
  • If technology laggards stepped up their game, they could add $360 billion and 2 million jobs to the U.S. economy.
  • Among technology leaders, 57 percent use cloud-based technologies.

The survey also revealed key benefits realized by technology. Leaders were far more likely to say technology helped them with the following business processes:

  • Provide customer satisfaction
  • Compete with larger companies
  • Bring down costs
  • Increase profits
  • Remain in business
  • Employ workers with higher skills

Business leaders also said that because of technology their businesses and workers were more efficient, worked better together, were better trained, and were easier to manage. The study found that early adopter companies were grew by reaching new markets, taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, and using technology to make their businesses more efficient.

Based on the survey numbers, about 69 percent of U.S. small and midsized businesses are technology leaders. With such great benefits and potential for growth, it’s surprising so many technology laggards exist. The problem seems to stem from a misconception of the obstacles to achieving a technology leadership role.

Why Businesses Shy Away from Technology

It’s true that adopting new technology can be intimidating. Research shows that data security and privacy are big concerns. Business leaders also suffer from the misconception that technology is necessarily expensive. They worry about infrastructure, talent shortages, and incompatible technology.

But staying out of the tech loop leaves businesses at a disadvantage, especially if they have competitors who understand how outsourcing IT works. Security and cost become non-issues when they are placed in the hands of knowledgeable experts who charge flat-fee services. Here’s how Network Alliance can help overcome these concerns and open the door to greater profitability for your company:

  • Security and Privacy – These are big worries for a small business to deal with. In the hands of experts, they are managed with the same methods that Fortune 500 companies use. Instead of buying and managing the technology, you buy the services of someone who can provide powerful security and expert assistance. Our top-tier security system would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement on your own. By using hosted services, you gain the benefits of our level 4 data center—it’s all about economies of scale.
  • Cost Network Alliance helps clients gain the financial security of fixed cost by offering our expert services on a subscription basis. This allows clients to adopt the technologies to grow their businesses without worrying about cost overruns. The tough reality about technology is that things go wrong, and, when they do, you need them fixed fast. But we offer our top-notch service as part of your monthly subscription fee, based on your number of users. We keep our system up to date and running in peak condition at all times, making technology glitches less likely to occur.
  • Compatibility – Compatibility is only an issue if you run your own IT servers. Network Alliance hosts software you already know and use on your PC, ensuring the technologies work for you as they always have. With a hosted desktop, your experience in the cloud becomes the same as at your desk—giving you the flexibility to work anywhere, Hosted VoIP also allows you to expand communications beyond the office. We also host QuickBooks and Office 365, giving you access to the software that already works for you.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Network Alliance

Don’t be a technology laggard. Network Alliance offers small business solutions that help businesses compete against their peers, as well as bigger companies. By accessing our affordable and easy-to-use cloud technologies, small businesses are positioned for faster and greater growth.

Network Alliance can take over all of the frustrating aspects of building and maintaining IT systems. We’ll show you how it pays to use a third-party vendor for web-delivered systems and cover all the bases so you can get back to what you know best—running your business.



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